a drop

of Greece

greek extra virgin

olive oil

staliá – σταλιά (sta’ʎa)

a Greek word, meaning a very small quantity or a little drop.
It comes from the Greek verb “ενσταλάζω” (to infuse, to instill), which also means to inspire, to cultivate a feeling gradually and systematically.

We create our “staliá” by carefully cultivating our land, so that we can offer you little drops of the smell and flavor of Greece.

οur land

…fragrant with the smells of the earth, awash in the Mediterranean breeze

We come from the small town of Gargalianoi, in Western Messenia. The cultivation of the olive tree has a long history in our region, resting on centuries of tradition. So does our family, which has been working with olive trees and producing olive oil for five generations.

οur team

…a new generation following an age-old tradition .

We are two young sisters who decided to invest in our land and to continue producing olive oil with the help and support of our father. By combining tradition with technology and innovative design, we have created a fully certified, high quality product in a gorgeous package: our STALIÁ.

our product

… beneficial, delicious, nutritious, aromatic

A beautiful package with rich and flavorful contents.

our news

…this is where we share our thoughts and ideas, as well as important news and landmarks concerning our STALIÁ